Barry Fink Productions, J.C. Pennys
David Copperfield Productions, David Copperfield
The Watcher, Paramount Pictures
Peterman/Moss, Sears
On Scene Productions, Don King
Cirque Du Soleil, Anniversary
The Jonathan Group
Beyond Productions, Beyond Desire (Mr Sinelli)
Playboy Inc, Centerfold
Yamaha Corporation Of America, Motorcycles
Production Group International, MCI
Greg Sills Productions, Sinbads New Year Bash
Baron Enterprises, Anniversary
Deathrow Enterprises, Sugi Knight
Mega Cult A.G. (Camel Cigarettes), Tecno Concert (4000+people)
Pepsi S.A.
Greg Sills Productions, Siegfried & Roy
Surreal Life & Fame Games, 51 Minds Productions
The Movie 21, Columbia Pictures
VH1 Divas Concerts, VH1